Excess Concrete Reduction

  • Daily batch quantity accuracy check
  • Timely communication with customer for right order
  • Quality control in place
  • Minimize returned concrete quantity
  • Total returned concrete <1%

Other Recycling Programs

  • Green Products
  • Various low carbon emission products
  • Self-compacting concrete
  • High strength concrete
  • Durable concrete
  • Flowable fill
  • Structure fibre reinforced concrete
  • Recycled aggregate concrete
  • Pervious concrete
  • Light-weight concrete

Fuel Efficiency Improvement

  • Monthly fuel consumption plan analysis and reduction solution
  • Tool box talk once a week
  • Purchasing newer trucks
  • Optimized operation speed
  • Fuel management system
  • Fleet management (GPS, Wi-Fi )

Fuel Efficiency Improvement

  • Ensure all driver are efficient and adhere to safety norms
  • Established driver training programs on safety, vehicle maintenance and operations, environment and customer care
  • Fully trained drivers

Fleet Emission Reduction

  • NRMCA certified trucks
  • Truck with model 2007 or newer
  • Reduce carbon footprints

Value Engineering

  • Strategies and Innovative R&D
  • Green product and system
  • Self-Compacting Concrete
  • Structure Fibre Reinforced concrete
  • IBB workability probe - slump testing
  • Consultancy

Our Major Clients

Seraa Group

World of Concrete is part of the Seraa Group of Companies. Seraa Group innovates in our thoughts, to put in our clients hands the investment climate that suits their needs, to transform innovative ideas into reality, and to develop projects for an integrated residential, commercial or industrial environment.
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