Research & Development

Our Research & Development team is a leader in technical innovation, advances and implementation. The goal of the Research & Development team is to bring new or improved, cost effective products and services to the market and provide support to the company, in terms of business development, technical sales, production and quality control. The Objectives of Research & Development are as below:

  • Propose R&D projects to improve company competitiveness.
  • Introduce product and process innovations.
  • Implement R&D activities on new product development and existing product improvement through cost-effective solutions.
  • Develop partnerships and collaborative agreements with the world's leading research centres and laboratories.
  • Support quality control with global standard testing services.
  • Present research findings at national and international conferences.

Our R&D Concrete Laboratories consist of a central and several site laborotaries that are equipped with state of the art testing facilities meeting global standards. They provide up-to-date technical resources for concrete research, and evaluation and testing of materials. The lab testing facilities include:

  • Prepare aggregate samples for concrete, concrete specimens, cement paste and mortar for testing and analysis.
  • Test concrete workability, pumpability and rheology properties.
  • Curing of concrete specimens under standard or other controlled conditions
  • Test the mechanical properties of concrete and cement.
  • Evaluate degree of hydration of concrete.
  • Investigate the effects of chemical and environmental exposure on concrete, including Resist Chloride Iron Penetration, Water Absorption, Water Penetration and Initial Surface Absorption.

Our Major Clients

Seraa Group

World of Concrete is part of the Seraa Group of Companies. Seraa Group innovates in our thoughts, to put in our clients hands the investment climate that suits their needs, to transform innovative ideas into reality, and to develop projects for an integrated residential, commercial or industrial environment.
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